Europe’s best nudist beaches where you can strip off in the sun including Spain, Greece and France


IF you are someone who likes to leave the clothes at home when on holiday, then you can head to one of the many nudist beaches across Europe.

There are rules in the UK about sunbathing naked in public, but there are lots of destinations including Spain, France and Greece where you can strip off when you get there.

There are lots of beaches across Europe where you can bare it all Credit: Getty – Contributor

While we’ve also rounded up all of the UK’s nudist beaches, here are some of the best across Europe if you want to bare it all under the sun.

Cap d’Agde village, France

Situated in a naturist village, the beach has over a mile of beach where visitors can go naked.

It’s not just about chilling out here – the beach also has wild foam parties where people let loose in the nude.

One Tripadvisor user wrote: “Freedom to roam naked all day as nature intended.”

Another said: “The foam party was wild. It is a lifestyle party so anything goes in there, and everything was definitely happening.”

Cap d’Agde has wild parties as well as a relaxing beach Credit: Google

Little Banana beach, Skiathos, Greece

This is an official naked beach on the Greek island of Skiathos and draws returning visitors each year.

One reviewer said: “There is a need for nudist beaches all over the world. This is a wonder.

“The beach is perfect for nude sun bathing. It was quiet busy with sunbeds and people with their own loungers.”

You can strip off at Little Banana beach in Greece Credit: Alamy

Buhne 16, Germany

This beach is one of Germany’s oldest nude beaches and is full of deckchairs that you can relax on without your clothes on.

One reviewer said: “Far from overcrowded, at times there are more seals on the beach than people.

“If it is too chilly for the beach, you can still get naked at the saunas right on the beach.”

German rules on being nude are very relaxed – with Buhne 16 a prime spot for it Credit: Alamy

Red Beach, Crete

If you head down to Red Beach, make sure you cover yourself well with sun cream as there’s a bit of a walk to get there and Greece gets very hot.

Once you are there you are able to strip off.

One user said: “If you are into naked old men hopping around in the hot sand trying to get from their umbrella to the water, you came to the right place.”

Crete’s Red Beach is a favourite, but there’s a bit of a walk to get to it Credit: Alamy

Valalta Beach, Croatia

Situated next to a naturist camp founded in 1968, the beach is also a place where people head to get naked.

One user commented that in the evening people tend to keep their clothes on – even though it’s still warm.

The user wrote: “The strange thing is that you feel like [you’re] in naturist resort just until dusk.

“During sunset most of the people suddenly put their clothes on. We don’t know the mysterious reason why naturists travel to the naturist camp/resort, but they always put clothes on [in] the warm evening.”

Croatia’s Valata beach is next to a nudist camp for those who want to spend a whole holiday naked Credit: Google

Es Tren, Majorca

Situated in the south of the island, this beach has shallow water that’s perfect for paddling in.

One user on TripAdvisor called this naked beach “the finest nude beach in the world”.

Another wrote: “Beautiful isolated beach where you leave your suit on the sand.”

Majorca’s Es Tren has shallow waters that are perfect for paddling in Credit: Alamy

Plage de Tahiti, France

If you’re heading to the French Riviera then this beach is worth a visit.

It featured in Brigitte Bardot’s And God Created Women in the 1950s.

One user wrote: “The beach is perfect for those travellers who wish to play it cool and its pristine environment would allow travellers to enjoy their advent in utmost serenity.”

The French Riviera is another spot where people love to strip off Credit: Alamy

Paradise Beach, Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is known for its iconic whitewashed villas and hillside views – as well as its nude beaches.

One user wrote: “We go to Paradise Beach still and go to the extreme right hand side of the beach looking out to sea.

“There are about 30 or 40 folks naked there in June in our experience.

“They are mostly more mature folks like us I’m afraid – young folks seem such prudes these days!!”

The Greek island of Mykonos has nude beaches like Paradise Beach Credit: Alamy

Porto Ferro beach, Sardinia

One visitor says that this beautiful beach rivals Thailand’s shores.

They wrote: “There is a nudist section of the beach, so be prepared for that and maybe get involved!”

The Sardinian beach of Porto Ferro is well known for nude sunbathing Credit: Alamy

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