Naturism is more than a lifestyle

What is Naturism

Naturists are advocates and defenders of nonsexual nudity as a lifestyle. You may also refer to both as nudism. Nudism and naturism are also largely interchangeable, but nudism emphasizes nudity, whereas naturism emphasizes an attitude favoring harmony with nature and respect for the environment. The naturist community has a wide range of philosophical and cultural beliefs; there is not one single naturist ideology.

Many advocates of natural enjoyment without clothing have long advocated ethical or philosophical nudism. There were organizations that established campgrounds and resorts to promote social nudity at the turn of the 20th century. Despite not identifying themselves as nudists or naturists, it has been permissible to casually participate in naked activities in public places, such as public swimming pools, since the 1960s. In most countries, there is a wide variety of nudist recreation options, from isolated beaches to parks with official designations.

Naturist Resorts

Clothing is usually not required at naturist-organized events. It is however expected (weather permitting) that naturist pools and sunbathing areas will be completely nude. Naturists often disagree with this rule. Because of health and safety regulations, naturist facility staff are typically required to wear clothing.

Many nudist resorts are family friendly, but do not confuse them with Adult-only resorts that do not allow any underage persons.

Naturalists have access to a variety of facilities. Naturist clubs owned by members are referred to as landed clubs. Clubs that meet off-site (also known as travel) meet in various places, such as private residences, swimming pools, hot springs, resorts, and rented facilities. Landed clubs can be managed by their members democratically or independently by their owners who make all the rules. The criteria for membership and members’ obligations may be determined by either group. Maintaining or developing the site usually requires sharing work.

Nude Beaches

Nude beaches can be found all over the world. While some countries, such as Denmark, allows for all their beaches to be clothing-optional, other countries may designated sections of a beach for nude use.

Naturist Families

Baring it all in open society has become increasing forbidden in most places around the world. Naturists are often confined to the corners of their home to express themselves and strip off their clothes. In some cases, a household can consist of a naturist family. The thought of a young naturist or teen naturist to be bare naked around their parents or visitors is often frowned upon by non-nudists. However, naturist families most often enjoy their naturist freedom.

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