Paris opens first nudist park

Paris’ nudist park at Bois de Vincennes

Paris opens first nudist park
Nudists in Paris soon have a park to call their own.

Update: The naturist area at Paris Bois de Vincennes reopens until mid-October 2022.

Due to the lack of law in France, many people go about their day without any clothes. According to a study done by INED & CNRS, 2.6 million people out of the 66.5 million inhabitants of France go about their day in this way on a regular basis .

A new nude park has opened in eastern Paris. They are located on a large piece of Vincennes Forest and is the first of its kind in the city.

In an effort to increase demand for France’s diverse and respected nudism, the President has designated a large green area in Paris as clothing-optional.

“Creating a zone in the Vincennes Forest, where naturism is allowed, would be part of our open vision of the public space in Paris.” says Deputy Mayor of Paris Penelope Committee.

This public park will be open for a limited time until October 15th from 8am to 7:30pm.

Park officials promise that voyeurism and exhibitionism will not be tolerated.