There’s a naturist beach in Spain which is the largest one in the world.

A beach in Spain is the largest nudist beach in the world that works to match people of all lifestyles together.

Vera, on the Almeria coast, is one of the few places you can swim all year round without wearing a stitch of clothing.

Ver in Spain is one of the best known nudist beaches in the country

The Vera Playa Naturist zone was declared in 1979 and has remained that way ever since.

While some beaches elsewhere in Spain hold a “no swimsuit day” in mid-July, Vera has one every day!

Visitors are welcome to make use of the 2km of beach at this popular destination, although it is necessary for all clothing to be worn for 8pm. Visitors can also visit a nudist bar on site.

The Vera Playa Club – the first naturist hotel in Spain and one with a swimming pool if you don’t want to brave the beach without a swimsuit.

There is even a naturist hotel, along with bars, shops and apartments

And you can’t wear a swimsuit even if you want to – the website states: “Guests must be nude in the pool area at all hours.”

From the information I’ve read, you’re allowed to be naked at the restaurant if you want, but the “no photographs” rule still applies.There are plenty of naturist-friendly places in Veracruz. 

You’ll find that supermarkets, shops, apartments and campsites all welcome them equally as well as the streets within their area.

Make sure you head to the correct section of the beach though – it is split into the north and south section, with the south section for nude bathers.

The beach is home to the largest nudist swim in history, which happened in 2013 with 729 naked swimmers.

You don’t need to worry about any trouble because there are a lot of people who can help you. The police often patrol the streets and they might be the best ones to contact.